Model Toy Rockets

Soar High, Tear the Sky With These Model Toy Rockets

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Model Toy Rockets

If you are looking for a brilliant model rocket to please your kid, look no further. We have handpicked only the best ones for you.

Estes 1469 Tandem-X Launch Set

Help your child grow into an intelligent rocket builder. Give a new direction to your kid’s imagination by bringing home the all new Estes model rocket.In this model rocket kit you get two flying Estes rockets of different sizes namely Crossfire and Amazon.Amazon is the bigger one What you also get is a launch pad inclusive along with two tiny plastic parachutes that will ensure both models return to you intact. Assembling its parts would be an educational hoot since Estes provides a step by step user guide to keep the rocket building process light and interesting. In order to quickly get on the saddle, you need to also have Estes rocket engines that will let you launch the rockets. Amongst compatible types B4-2, B4-4, B6-4, B6-2, C6-3, C6-5 and C6-7 are there that will serve the purpose to perfection.

Estes 2178 Hi-Flier Flying Model Rocket Kit

The name is enough! To say that this thing can fly would be an understatement. Watch it storm through the sky at an eye-popping speed. The high speed model rocket toycan make 1600 feet in no time. Its streamline missile design complements its beautiful laser cut balsa fins that make for a perfect balance. In order to fly this beauty, you need to also get engines, igniters, glue, finishing supplies, wadding, and a launch system that are not included with the kit.

Space Exploration Set

Let your kid’s dreams of NASA come to fruition at an early stage. The all new space shuttle model rocketwill let the intricacies of a space shuttle instill quite young. The rocketship toy is a 10 piece set that includes astronauts, rockets, space shuttle and a ground vehicle. The space shuttle model kit design is based on real NASA equipment. The cargo bay door opens to reveal a robotic arm as well. It also features solid rocket boosters and fuel tanks that are removable.

Estes 2162 Big Daddy Flying Model Rocket Kit

As the moniker suggests, this beast is the big daddy! With its magnificent design a waist size of 3 inches that justifies its name and complements its true purpose, this rocket modelwhen assembled is some sight. It can handle powerful E engines with ease. It requires a Porta-Pad E and E launch controller along with Estes model rocket engines to soar.

Estes 1948 Big Bertha Flying Model Rocket Kit

Big Bertha stands amongst the Estes originals. Categorized under skill level 1 series, you can assemble the Estes rocket up in one afternoon. Unlike other rockets, it has a different nose design that makes for a safe flying experience. It is burly, yellow and black, which makes it look like a bumblebee in the sky. It needs an Estes Launch system and Estes engines in order to make a successful flight, which are included in the rocket starter kit.

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