Kids Playhouses

Best Wooden & Plastic, Indoor/Outdoor Playhouses for Kids

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Kids Playhouses

Do you wish to turn your child’s outdoor playtime into something more than simply playing in the yard?

Then, it may be time you consider a playhouse.

Playhouses afford your kids a special place that allows their imaginations to run wild. Not only that – kids tend to feel safe and secure in a home that is dedicated to themselves only. Both indoor and outdoor playhouses incentivize children to move from behind their locked bedroom, fiddling with their phone or tablet, to the fresh outdoors. Something that we are kidsplayville are constantly ensuring our kids are doing.

Thanks to modern technology, present day playhouses have a new look compared to the ones you and me may have wanted as kids. Today, they are naturally beautiful and available in many shapes and types – and at different budgets! Consequently, settling on the ideal one might prove a tricky undertaking for both yourself and your child – there is just soooo many to choose from. This article gives you a feel of the various ones available. Ensure you pick one that suits your requirements and also pleases your child’s imagination.

Traditional Playhouse

These playhouses not only provide incredible playtime activities but also engages their creative side. They are designed to include activities that improve hand to eye coordination for children.

They also provide an enabling environment that nurtures creativity in children. #1: This Tikes Town one includes a sports wall for basketball and a gas station Click Here for Cheapest Price

#2: This Step2 playhouse, which includes a Dutch door and a crawl tunnel is made of various materials that withstands all types of weather.

At just the right size, they can last through an entire childhood (until such a time your child outgrows or out-matures it). Click Here for Cheapest Price

Wooden Playhouse

Made from treated wood, these playsets make a magnificent addition to your garden. Parents and kids alike find them to be delightful as they made by artisans. In addition to providing tonnes of lovely treasure to your children, they are special decorative items in their own right in your back yard.

A wooden playhouse looks ‘oh so fine’ and lets their creative minds run wild since they incorporate some additional features such as slides and more!

#1: This KidKraft Playhouse includes a picnic table and a mailbox complete with a flag. This brand are water-resistant and consist of reinforced panels that guard against weathering and warping – this is excellent to know that you can keep it outside during all weather and not worry about damage. Click Here for Cheapest Price

#2: The Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide is a handsome playhouse for kids that is different to many playhouses. How? It’s because this one is elevated off the ground so it takes playtime to a higher level. Designed for absolute durability, they are also available in a variety of colors, and meet all the required safety standards. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Pirate Ship Playhouse

Nothing brings out the sense of adventure in your boys than a pirate ship!

#1: This best selling pirate playhouse has some pretty cool features to it, one in which the sail doubles up as a basketball hoop – your boys and his friends can shoot basketball all-day-long. From the tunnel ports with roll-up doors, the full sized ship lets your boys do some treasure hunting above and below the deck in this boys playhouse. Hard to set up you may ask? Fear not! the ‘Twist N-Fold’ technology lets you set it up in minutes (so no more whinging young boys to deal with!). Set up in under 2 mins, comes with the basketball hoop and tunnel with the basketball included. Under $50: Click Here to Check Price

#2: For more of a solid structure, you can also opt for this one that just takes a little longer to set up in comparison to the one above and costs approximately $80-$100 more but comes with it’s own set of perks Click Here for Cheapest Price

Castle Style Playhouse

Castle-PlayhouseMany children stories happen in castles and you can let your little angels hold their royal court right in the backyard with this one. Not only do they feature authentic designs complete with realistic stone façades, they have secret passages and realistic watchtowers. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Boasting a myriad of features meant to bring almost all the fairy tales to life, this castle will keep children occupied for hours on end.

They are durable, long lasting and are smooth to touch ensuring no harm befalls the children.

Slide and Swing Playhouse

Unlike other kids playhouses that consign much of the space to a housing structure, these playhouses feature a largely open design with crawl through portals that will have the kids tripping over the door to have a go.

The Step 2 outdoor playhouse, which features a slide and hide activity gym is the most popular and features two swings for increased playtime fun and delight. It also has a roomy deck and balcony railing, a secret compartment/hide spot and swings, door and slides. Click Here for Cheapest Price

This type features a ‘a secret playhouse underneath’ which can accommodate multiple children at one time. No more infighting as children impatiently wait for their turns; the variety of play activity available lets them pick out something different each.

Clubhouse Playhouse

Not your everyday occurrence, this clubhouse combines the most intriguing aspect of being big into a fun-filled, colorful affair that involves a number of children that can play at one time.

Here at KidsPlayVille we like to call this one, the BIG and most COMPLETE playhouse ever!

These colorful ‘affairs’ include slides, crawl through tunnels and climbing ladders and hideout areas – a total playtime that brings out the best in each and every child’s creativity. It also includes 2 slides, a skylight, rotating steering wheel, dual windows, climbing ladder, bridge, look out tower and cool tunnel with ‘hide out’ secret area underneath.

The clubhouse climber from Step2, the most popular, is justification of imaginative that lets your young ones have limitless and safe play activities with all their friends (and family too!). Click Here for Cheapest Price

The Garden Playhouse

*KidsPlayVille’s Favorite! Not only does this groovy playhouse afford your kids the opportunity to set take part in setting up, it also features flower boxes that allow them to plant flowers – real flowers.

It’s beautifully picturesque as it takes a scene from fairy tale and replicates it in your backyard. It features a kitchenette, stovetop, garden boxes and mailbox. You can plant real flowers in it and it’s so easy to set up that kids can do it themselves with only a little assistance from yourself. Click Here for Cheapest Price

It also includes a kitchenette that lets the little ones run will and features an open floor design with pounding benches and toolboxes. The one takes the gold in bringing out the creativity in children whilst conferring them with real-life responsibilities of managing household and gardening responsibilities.

Also Recommended: To add more outdoor fun, you can get a garden playhouse with added fun of a sandpit too (available here)! The choice is truly endless!

Coloring/Cardboard Playhouse

When you need to have a playtime activity that brings out the best of artistic abilities from your child, opt for a playhouse that they can actually color in! This one in particular has 4 windows, 2 doors and 2 mail boxes and comes with 8 jumbo (washable)  markers.

Featuring bright white walls with ready to color graphics, these playhouses let kids customize the outlook every time they play. Easily set up with a single piece, they provide children with hours of colorful, fun-filled play activities. Redefine playtime with these versatile playhouses from my very own cottage, the most popular custom-color one for sale. At a reasonable price, these are also excellent as presents and gifts. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Tent-Style Playhouse

Playhouse-TentLet your little one go camping without leaving the house with this elegant and colorful cottage playhouse with beautiful landscapes.

The tent boasts a full-length front door curtain and mesh skylight that ensures proper lighting as your little one explores the tunnel ports. Click Here for Cheapest Price

It’s one of the easiest types to set up and take down.

As it’s made of tent material, it can also withstand the occasional drizzle of rain, however, due to it being so light, it’s not recommended when it’s windy outside.

Inflatable Playhouse

Inflatable-PlayhouseSpace is no longer an impediment to providing your loved ones with quality, fun filled play activities – thanks to this inflatable playhouses from Step 2. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Featuring a colorful design it features a wall opening and large interior space, providing hours of fun-filled play activities that ignite children’s imaginations. They are easy to inflate and deflate, letting you create that conducive play areas with ease and matchless convenience.

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