Toddler Beds for Girls

Wooden/Plastic, Princess Beds and Minnie Mouse Beds (& More!) for Little Girls

Kids Beds: Toddler Beds for Girls

The bedroom for your little princess should always has to be extra special and, pink.

For many mothers like me, this is a great opportunity to put together a room filled with girls bedroom sets your child has always dreamt of. Then there’s always our habit of checking for quality. After all, we want the best for our princess.

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Kids bedroom sets come in different materials; I will list three of the most common types of toddler beds for girls and weigh their pros and cons.

Types of Girls Beds

Plastic Toddler Bed / Cheap Kids Beds

Plastic kids beds are cheap toddler beds and easy to assemble. There are plastic beds that come in beautiful colors for girls. But we need to be careful in buying plastic beds since they tend to be dangerous if we are not careful. The legs can give in without any warning and might injure our kids. In terms of affordability, though, plastic beds are ok, because they are a cheap kids bed; we just need to be careful with them.

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Wooden Toddler Bed

In terms of durability, wooden kids beds are far more durable than plastic kids beds. If you are wondering about assembly issues, you don’t have to worry. Wooden beds for kids are really easy to assemble plus you can choose any design for sheets, pillows, and a duvet. Most popular wooden bed for girls is in pink as shown below.

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You can choose cartoon-themed bedding sheets, flowers, princess designs, and even simple, and colorful ones. Any design you choose will surely fit any wooden bed.

There are quilts sold on online, too. They are made of cotton and you can be sure your child will sleep comfortably in them.

If you’re worried about the height, wooden toddler beds have legs that are low and close to the floor so your children will have no problem in climbing into their own bed

Themed Girls Bedroom Furniture

Fancy and kids themed beds are definitely popular today. These girls beds are definitely a must for your little princess. They are also guaranteed to add beauty and will double as a decoration in your child’s room.
There are many options you can choose from, whether your little girl is into Disney princesses or those timeless characters like Minnie Mouse.

Princess Bed

If your little girl dreams to become a princess someday, the Princess Toddler Bed from KidKraft is a great buy. Just look at all the furniture included in the princess bedroom set, isn’t the entire set just so beautiful? It’s safe, well designed, and needless to say, pink. This girls princess bed will definitely remind all moms of the dreams they had back in their younger days. Besides, all of us have dreamt of sleeping in a princess bed, right? Of course this princess bed for girls will be a good buy but the whole set will also definitely turn your girl’s room into a real princess bedroom. This kids princess bed from KidKraft also comes with a mirror that’s safe and wonderfully creative. I actually bought this princess bed for my youngest daughter and she absolutely adores it. She couldn’t stop spinning in front of her own full-length mirror.

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Princess Pink Toddler Roadster Bed

For the little girls who are not into princess beds, there is a roadster bed from Little Tikes. This bed is perfect for your adventurous little girl. She can sleep on this bed until she turns around 5 years old. Pretty good investment, if you ask me. And, she can always play with this roadster bed when she outgrows it.

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Minnie Mouse Bed

Minnie Mouse has been an icon for young girls for generations. There are a lot of minnie mouse bedroom furniture to choose from. There are those with a canopy, a 3D toddler bed, and my personal favorite, the Minnie Mouse Bed set. I love this minnie mouse bed because it’s unique and adds an air of adventure for little girls. If your child is a Minnie Mouse fan, there are also storage trunks and toy organizers for sale online that are super cute to match with the bed – I mean, how can you resist the matching Minnie Mouse bedroom furniture accessories. They will surely inspire your little girl to clean up after she’s done playing since these organizers are colorful and of course, efficient.

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Dollhouse Bed

This bed is very simple yet functional. It’s decorated with flowers, fences, and even has mini windows. The cottage-bedding sheet goes well with this bed and your child will surely feel warm and cozy with this bedroom set.

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Sleigh Bed

Another simple princess bed for your little girl. This bed is easy to assemble and is sturdy, definitely safe for your princess. It also comes with colorful decals to serve as decorations for the bed and you can also fit your child’s crib mattress in it.

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