Toddler Beds for Boys

Wooden/Plastic, Car Beds, Pirate Ship Beds and Disney Beds (+ More!) for Little Boys

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Kids Beds: Toddler Beds for Boys

Make Your Child’s Dream Come True with These Creative Bedroom Sets for Boys

Nothing is more exciting to a parent than to plan out and design their children’s rooms. Plus, getting your children involved in all the planning will create a great bonding time for parents and their children. There’s also that extra benefit, which is often overlooked: moms and dads will get to know what their children like (their ambitions, dreams and basically how they see the world).

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When buying a toddler bed, you need to always think of its longevity and durability.

Types of Kids Beds

There are actually 3 kinds of kids and toddler beds you can choose from. Plastic beds, wooden beds and themed beds for kids.

Plastic Kids Beds

Plastic-Boys-Toddler-BedThis is an example of a plain plastic toddler bed you can find for your little boy. This one is from Delta Children, however there is many different designs and colors to choose from.

The most popular designs are from the brand I mentioned above, Delta children, which includes the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles or a red and blue combination bed that features Disney Pixar Cars.

However, if your child isn’t a fan of either of these, that’s ok, why not try one that has Mickey Mouse on it?

Generally, these plastic beds can hold up to 50 lbs and are recommended for kids aged 15 months and older. Although very affordable at around $50, they are not our recommended bed for boys as we feel they are not as sturdy as the wooden beds you will find below. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Wooden Kids Beds


I don’t know about you, but I like wooden beds because they look so classy and they give an air of the country home. These types of beds can last for a long time, and they are generally created with safety rails.

It’s like you’re out in the quiet country with no stress. I really tend to relate wooden beds with the simple life- far from the buzz of all the city cars. Wooden toddler beds also come in different colors: brown, light brown, black, grey, white, blue and more. You can purchase them from 3 of the best brands including, Kidkraft (view range here), Orbelle (view range here) and DaVinci (view range here).

The price range for these beds can go from $67 to as much as $200. It’s a pretty good price, if you ask me for the quality you get. There are also wooden beds out there which do not have legs attached to them just in case you’re afraid that your child might fall off the bed.

Fancy / Themed Toddler Beds

Themed kids beds are the very definition of ‘creative.’ In fact, they are all over the Internet, and parents and kids alike, adore them. Fancy toddler and kids beds come in different designs: cars, planes, pirate ship, etc. These beds are so fun, and if you have trouble sending your kids to bed, they will surely be glad to sleep early especially if they have a bedroom set like any of these below.

Out of all the kids beds available, these are the best you can find for your boy!

Step2 Corvette Bed with Lights

Step2-Race-Car-BedThis is a best seller online for a lot of reasons: one, it has lights! Two, it really is modeled after the Corvette car. Three, it is adjustable. And finally, it also comes with a mini racetrack for your boy.

You can also get matching furniture. Step2 sell the matching dresser, storage set, and a toy organizer.

I have to say, all this extra furniture really goes well together in the bedroom. I bought the whole set for my boy and he really loves it. Personally, buying the entire dresser, storage set and toy organizer created a ‘theme’ in my boy’s bedroom. It really is the best boys furniture set you can buy for your son. Click Here for Cheapest Price


Race Car Toddler Bedroom Furniture

Racing-Car-BedIf I didn’t buy the entire set above, I would have bought this one. I love this race car bed. It was one of the best options we considered when we were thinking of buying a bedroom set for our little boy.

The bed is simple, and the artwork and designs on it is flawless and eye-catching. KidKraft also sells matching bed sheets, a bookcase, and a bedside table. Just like the Corvette bed set, the entire bookcase and the bedside table complement with the bed and finishes your boy’s bedroom really well. It looks simple yet interesting, and well organized. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Firetruck Bedroom Set

Kids-Firetruck-BedThis boys fireman bedroom set is for a boy who wants to be a hero.

What’s there not to like? This boys bed is very detailed, and artistic. I especially love the bookcase from this set, but in saying this, I love everything, it even has a stand to hang hats etc in the same design. The bed itself has a bell, a hidden garage door, and many other cool features your son will absolutely love.

Your little fireman will definitely love the entire matching bedroom set in the firetruck theme. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Disney Pixar Cars Wood Toddler Bed

Disney-Boys-BedThis is the simplest and most affordable car bed I found. If your boy is a fan of the Disny Cars movie, he’ll definitely like this bed.

It’s perfect for small children who tend to fall off the bed since you can just sit it on the floor, and he won’t have any trouble getting out of this bed. Also, since the sides are elevated, there is no risk of them even falling out in the first place. It’s super sturdy, is themed and eye-catching yet simple. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Airplane Toddler Bed Set

Airplane-BedIf your child is into planes (maybe he wants to be a pilot someday?!) this airplane themed kids bedroom set is for your future pilot.

The wonderful thing about this boys bed is that it has a propeller, and this propeller actually spins!

KidKraft also sells an entire airplane-themed bedding furniture set which will surely add to the beauty of this bed. I really like the bedding in particular because it’s made of microfiber and it’s even reversible. Your child will surely sleep comfortably with this bed set. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

Pirate-Ship-BedThis pirate ship bedroom set is truly creative and cute. It comes complete with a sail, wheels, and a toy box.

What I really like about this boys bed are the nightlights. It really looks fun and rather detailed. Your little boy will have a lot of fun with this pirate ship bed since he can sleep on it and can also play on the bed. If you want to help create your child’s dream world, here is some bedroom furniture that your kid will absolutely love. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Need Kids Bedding?

car-beddingThere are also affordable (and I mean really affordable) bedding sets for kids online.

Check out the following toddler bedding set I’ve found and highly recommend:

Everything Kids Range

Kreative Kids Range

These beddings are designed with cars and all things your little boy will like. Each bedding set will surely add color to your kid’s room, and who knows? It might even spark creativity in him.

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that children (especially boys, are visual in nature) and I agree. Your child will surely always have something to say about the illustrations on his sheets. He can even make stories from it. Trust me it really does spark creativity in children.

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