Childrens Rugs and Playroom Floor Mats

Largest Selection of Playroom Rugs, Foam Play Mats and Floor Mats for Kids

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Childrens Rugs and Playroom Floor Mats

Play mats and rugs for toddlers are important – super important. Not only does a rug decorate a play room, or a room in general, but having one also adds to that sense of overall play safety and security from the nasty accidents that might occur. They are especially useful to provide comfort of playing on something softer rather than hard wood or tiled floors.

Other than rugs and mats serving as a sort of an accident barrier, they also provide decorative features that make a stimulating experience for your child’s developing senses and moods. They undeniably provide educational benefits, especially when it comes to shapes, colors and sizes, not to mention hours of endless fun and activity to be had with the right ones (more about these below!).

Without further ado, let’s start looking at childrens rugs and playroom floor mats!

Road Play Mats

Kids-Rugs-City-Map-1These types of kids rugs perfectly capture the confinements of a city in a very cartoon-ish and interactive way that is astonishingly vibrant and child friendly. This is the most popular of all, hence why it’s sitting right up here at the top for being a non-slip for ultimate safety, is made of 100% high quality soft nylon pile and is machine washable.

Your little child can play with it using little cars and little people that go about doing everyday stuff that usually happens in a city. It’s one of the only rugs that will keep your child entertained for hours! It has dimensions of 3 ft x 5 ft x 0.1 inch and looks in either a bedroom or playroom and lasts for many years. It also is slip-proof and has a cushion backing for full comfort. Providing not only style and comfort, allow your child’s imagination to run free! Click Here for Cheapest Price

kids-area-rugs-country-rug-1In addition to the above, we have another well designed, well illustrated and affordable priced rug primarily used for ‘car play’ or aka. road rug that could be your child’s next play field today! It’s made of made of fire retardant materials and feels soft (its made from 100% soft nylon).

In addition to the above, the reason many parents choose these types of rugs for their kids rooms is because simply, kids love playing with their toys on it by creating some sort of an imaginative, fantasy world. Sort of like the Sims game. What I did like best about this rug is that it isn’t too big or too small. My house happens to be a bit smaller so the things I use and buy are handy as generally they are smaller than conventional products. If you give this product a try, I promise you won’t regret it! Best of all, it is less than $20! Click Here for Cheapest Price

Fisher-Price Little People Play Mat

Fisher-Price-PlaymatFor general play time, without any pretense of educational material, this mat is perfect your child, siblings and friends! This play mat, that looks like a very interactive play thing than a mat, comes with two vehicles that your child can use to roam around the mini-town as per the illustrations.

I absolutely love the great detail in this product. My son absolutely loved playing with this mat and at the same time, laying down comfortably on it.

The illustrations are absolutely lovely and differ from the above mentioned products in the colors and degree of the town included. The difference between this one and the above mentioned two is that this playmat is made from plastic and foam. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Foam Mats

Childrens-foam-puzzle-mat-1Many parents buy this type of mat for safety reasons. They are generally very popular from newborns upwards. This product in particular is the best selling puzzle mat made of foam for kids as it’s actually designed to include colors that develop your child’s brain development – interesting hey? It’s made up of 36 foam squares (total coverage – 36 square feet).

Parental Tip: Sometimes to teach your child, it’s handy to combine the red, blue and violet squares together in that particular order. Same goes for red, yellow and orange squares then finally, yellow, blue and green squares. Want to know why? You can teach your child primary and secondary colors! And this mat is the perfect tool for that.

In addition to being affordable, it’s very stylish, very vibrant and very educational but also simple and plain. What more can you possibly ask for? Click Here for Cheapest Price

Alphabet Play Mat

alphabet-mat-1Do you want to teach your child how to spell ‘Cat’? What about ‘cap’, ‘cop’ and ‘cup’? What about counting from 1-20? This alphabet mat made of foam would be the best choice to provide safety, comfort, but most importantly for educational purposes to your growing child. Additionally, it’s easy to clean, safe from birth and comes with a free carry tote!

With just$20-$20, you can teach your child the basics of the English language and the primary tenets of arithmetic. Through your educational journey, this mat will guide your child and provide an interactive and engaging tool to help your child learn in an interesting way.

Aside from this mat being undoubtedly educational, it is soft, durable, washable and best of all, affordable! Click Here for Cheapest Price

Foam Playmat

floor-mats-for-kids-safari-1#1 New Release/Best Seller: One of the latest and newest releases is this Safari Foam Playmat. If you like an assortment of colors and what something a little larger, then this is an excellent option. It’s non-toxic (no formamides, no BPA, no phthalates), doesn’t come apart easily and is high quality at 14mm thick.

Although it’s available in many different colors, I personally prefer the monochromatic theme of the mat. It looks so classy and luxurious…even though it really is just a humble play mat.

This mat is indeed beautiful and a very affordable choice. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Interlocking Transport Foam Puzzle

Transport-Puzzle-Foam-MatSo maybe you’re not the one who usually prefers a rug and you’re thinking that maybe a mat may be more suitable for your child’s play room. Fair enough. Many parents are under the same impression.

What parents and kids alike adore about this style of foam kids mat is that that child can build the transport vehicles them self. It comes with 9 squares with removable transport vehicles. It’s soft, yet durable and easy to clean

It’s recommended for children aged 3 years old and older due to the removable vehicles. Click Here for Cheapest Price

Lamby Natural Lambskin Cuddle Rug

Sheepskin-Lambskin-Nuresry-RugThis oh-so-fluffy sheepskin rug is a great complimentary rug to the carpet mentioned below. They look great together as this rug is designed to lay on top of carpet so slips are avoided.

It’s also designed specifically for cuddling and snuggling. Just look at that baby in the picture. Sheepskin just feels so right on the skin and it;s so warm, it’s like you’re wrapped in the embrace of an incredibly large teddy bear.

Either for sleeping, chilling, playing or learning, this sheepskin rug is a good fit for it all! Click Here for Cheapest Price

Super Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs

Soft-Nursery-Rug-1#1 Best Seller in Nursery Rugs: So maybe you’re not a big fan of either rugs or mats that we’ve presented above and want a rather cosy style of rug. Or if not for a nursery, you are still looking for more of a good ol’ reliable rug for your child’s room or playroom that isn’t so kiddy, bright or vibrant.

There’s a very good selection of colors for this carpet that really match any color theme of any home. Kids definitely enjoy lying down on this carpet after a really long play session or just sit and chill while reading story books or playing with their toys. Click Here for Cheapest Price

For comfort and warmth, especially on those cold rainy or winter days, this carpet definitely feel just right on your home!

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