Activities For Growing Toddlers

Learning Is Fun with Your Tot

Activities For Growing Toddlers

How could you maximize your child’s learning potential? How could you possibly unleash their hidden abilities? How would you flourish your child’s creativity and memory skills? Learning while growing up is never boring as it can be fun when you include fun cognitive activities for your toddlers!

Play With Me, Mommy and Daddy!

Play should be as interactive as possible to develop your toddler’s communication skills. Interaction is also very crucial for your child’s brain development.

It is advised that parents should interact with their toddlers by playing with them as much as possible – this is the greatest learning environment. Playing with your child not only enhances the bond that you and your child share but at the same, enhances his ability to interact and communicate.

Most Effective Activities for Growing Toddlers

There are activities that surely help you and your child enhance the bond that you both share at the same time, allowing your child to stimulate his cognitive and creative skills.

These activities can be done at the comfort of your own home, under Pooh’s honey tree or even in Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden. Yes, it can be done anywhere so long as you have got the materials in handy. You need not to worry about the materials either as they can all be found at your home or anywhere.

Drum Roll, Please!

Want your child to be the next Beethoven? Make him some drums and he might be rock and rollin’ at your home. Make use of home and kitchen tools to unleash the inner Beethoven and Mozart in your child. You can use toy drums, pots and bells for the drums. As for the sticks, you may utilize the most important tool you use when you eat- the spoon!

This activity is important for improving your child’s listening and musical skills. This might even spark his interest in learning a musical instrument at a young age. He might not be the next Beethoven or Mozart but he might be Chopin!

Let’s Play House!

If you want to promote your child’s imagination and creativity skills, then playing house with him or her will do the job. If you have all the resources to find the perfect tunnel playhouse for your child, then it won’t be much of a problem. However, if you are having budget constraints, you can make one for your child. And yes, the materials you need can just be found around the house.

So if you recently bought a home appliance, don’t discard its box right away. You can cut it out and make a tunnel or a playhouse for your child. You can even have it painted. Just use non-toxic paint. You can pretend to ring the doorbell and ask your child to open the door for you. This activity reinforces your child’s autonomy, social skills and motor skills. Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Hi! Can I Speak to Mommy please?

Another activity proven to promote your child’s language and communication skills at a very young age is to have him or her talk through the telephone. You may want to start by letting them talk not on the real telephone yet, but through a toy telephone. Some of these toy telephones have pre-recorded voices that talk back to your child, thereby allowing tehm to start a conversation with “that person.”Other toys have a recording feature which allows you to record you and your child’s conversations. If you are not into buying toy telephones, you can use an old telephone and let her have a feel on how it is to talk through the telephone. Teach your child proper telephone etiquette at a young age too. Just don’t be surprised when your child asks “How may I help you?” the next time she answers the telephone.

Beach Party

If your child loves to have fun in the sand, then don’t ever hesitate to get them out of the house and head to the beach! What if the beach is too distant from your house? Don’t you worry, mommy. It’s all covered. A beach party doesn’t have to be at the beach but can be at your backyard. As for the things you need, you might want to fetch pails of water just like Jack and Jill did. You don’t have to go the well, though, unless you have of course a well. But then, getting water from your water source would simply this complication. Fill a bucket with water (no ice!) and bring it close to a sandbox. Don’t forget the shovels too! Allow your child to dig, scoop, pour and build anything she can think of under the sun! This activity hones in on your child’s creativity and motor skills. And if a friend of his or hers has decided to join, let her play along through parallel play. This encourages social skills.

Go Getter Tot

Want to encourage your child to do some simple household chores for you? They might find this activity very engaging. This activity not only boosts your child’s physical skills but at the same time, their memory skills. Have your son or daughter do some errands for you by asking them to help you sweep the floor, wipe the table, tidy their room organize/store their toys. Wouldn’t it be fun to know that your child has developed their language abilities by following directions? They start to get more motivated to do more tasks as they begin to discover autonomy.

There are indeed more creative, cognitive and social activities that you and your child can engage in. These five are just the most common, safe and practical activities that you and your child can do together. Use creativity and talent to come up with other activities that are safe and engaging, at the same time, have the ability to boost your child’s growth and development.

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